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Me and forgxtten face reveal!!! 😱😱😱

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"Can I copy the homework?'
Atlas: I can help you with it!
Violet: Yeah, sure.
Jade: Bold of you to assume I did the homework.
Rose: lol nope.
Ella: Wait, we had homework?!?!?!
Celia: *Read 5:55pm*

anyways im failing Social Studies-

forgxtten lol but oof-

JD2005 @forgxtten Same-

JordanLol im to good at social studies but bad at math rip-

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Somveda thumbsup

OMG guys there are people filming a tv show in my town and they renamed my school for it too bad is on amazon prime

freind yous should be an extra

CodyA3176 What in the world!

Somveda wow

JD2005 :O

do you wanna know what the most chaotic thin is, it ✨ the bag line✨. so my school has 4 grades in one school and everyone, when they come in, has to put their book bag on the table and then some teachers will check your bag. the chaotic thing about it is trying to get your bag, there 4 grades with like 30 classes huddled around one small table trying to find their book bag. thank you for reading this long af post sorry that it kinda turned into a vent

I hate periods they always make you feel like you need to pee even though the last time you drank was yesterday

forgxtten hun you need to drink more water

JD2005 @forgxtten yeah lol

hilolo i know i just dont